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Shareholder Structure

Source: Shareholder survey, participation notice, estimates by Kapsch TrafficCom

63.3% of the shares in the company are owned by KAPSCH-Group Beteiligungs GmbH. Free float amounts to 36.7%. The weighted average number of shares is consistently at 13 million.

Free float according to the Prime Market rules of the Vienna Stock Exchange shall be defined as all stocks (up to 25% of the stock capital) that are held by investment funds, pension funds or investment management companies as long as these do not have the features of a special fund or imply a long-term investment strategy (for strategic goals, to influence company policy or business activities).

Core shareholders. KAPSCH-Group Beteiligungs GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DATAX HandelsgmbH, the shares of which are held in equal proportions by Traditio-Privatstiftung, ALUK-Privatstiftung and Children of Elisabeth-Privatstiftung, each a private trust under the Austrian Law for Private Trusts. Each of these private trusts is managed by a separate executive board and no person serves on the executive board of more than one of the three private trusts. The beneficiaries of these private trusts are Georg Kapsch and members of his family (Traditio-Privatstiftung), Kari Kapsch and members of his family (ALUK-Privatstiftung) and Elisabeth Kapsch and members of her family (Children of Elisabeth-Privatstiftung).

Free float. The free float of 36.7% is made up of larger holdings by a fund as well as of shares owned by institutional investors (18.0%), retail investors (7.7%) and others* (3.9%). Axxion S.A. (Luxembourg) is the management company of the funds “Frankfurter Aktienfonds für Stiftungen”, which holds a share package of 4.95%. Shareholder Value Management AG (Germany) acts as investment advisor for the funds.

The institutional shareholder base is located in continental Europe (78.6%, whereas Austria accounts for 32.9%), North America (20.1%), the UK and Ireland (1.1%), and in other countries (0.2%).

* Trading positions and unidentified shareholders.