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Our Values

We believe strongly in upholding our values. This is not just something we say, but rather our values are cultivated and practiced every day by each and every employee.


We are the Kapsch Group: the employees, the management, executive board members and the owners of the Kapsch Group.

  • Responsibility. We understand responsibility as acting in the interests of the company and its employees, bearing the consequences and taking initiative.
  • Transparency. We understand transparency as being open in dealing with information, as well as the traceability of our decisions and actions in daily communication.
  • Respect. We understand respect as the basis of our cooperation, mutual recognition of our achievements and the opinion of others.
  • Performance. We understand performance as the result of the dedication and the success of each individual employee who contributes to achieving our common goals.
  • Freedom. We understand freedom as using and designing a defined scope of action and developing this through personal engagement.
  • Family. We understand family to be pulling all on the same rope, strengthening our bonds and supporting one another.
  • Dynamic. We understand dynamic as our determination toward continuous change and willingness to achieve newly established goals.
  • Discipline. We understand discipline as the adherence to rules which govern our living and working together and the commitment to our values.